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Why a simple and mobile CRM?

· 2 min read

A simple CRM

Over the years, we have noticed that a lot of people: entrepreneurs, craftspersons, freelancers, self-employed, do not have a simple solution for managing their customers and their commercial activity. They struggle using either an Excel file on a computer or an expensive CRM solution whereas their need is simple: to be able to easily manage their customers and their sales pipeline.

A mobile-first CRM application

These people are not salespeople, and although their activity depends on sales, they still need to be focused on their main activity of craftspersons, entrepreneurs, etc. These professions do not have time, after a day of work, to fill in an Excel spreadsheet on a computer with the information of contacts and potential prospects for the day. They must be able to add or import potential customers live on their mobile phones during their day when they meet them or when they reach out to them.

An affordable CRM

Another reason why freelancers do not find a solution that suits them is the positioning of existing CRM editors: they only focus on the needs of large companies (or SMEs sometimes) which have dedicated sales teams with plenty of customization and a very high-cost per user per month.

White elephant

We think self-employed don't need a white elephant. They use these tools only a few times a day. This is why we offer our solution at a ridiculous cost or even for free for most of the use cases.

Track app, mobile and accessible CRM

Client follow-up screenshot

This is why we created Track: we empower every entrepreneur, every craftsman, and every freelancer by providing them with an affordable mobile application so that they never forget about any client or any deal and let them fully focus on their core business.

For a glimpse of all the jobs for which Track can be helpful and even be a must-have, have a look at our blog article.